Partnering with the well-known international publisher, McGraw-Hill, we provide a Professional Teachers Development Program for English teachers across Thailand. The program empowers teachers to grow in all areas relevant to their profession in order to help them optimize the students’ language learning.

The aim of the program is to help teachers to link classroom practice with theory and the most recent advances in the field, update their knowledge and skills, enhance their personal and professional development, and guide teachers in the most effective forms of using resources to create optimal learning environments.

- Principles of teaching young learners
- Teaching the language systems and skills
- Management and planning
- Evaluation and assessment

The participant-driven approach allows teachers to build on their own experiences and insights combined with solid methodology, best teaching practices and available resources.  Through a variety of interactive techniques, teachers are given the opportunity to share and discuss what they already know, and to connect new concepts and strategies to their own unique teaching context and the materials they are using.

The workshops are designed to facilitate learning by using lively group dynamics, learning through questioning, active participation, and personal reflection. The workshops are participant driven and by engaging the teachers in practical and collaborative tasks, it helps them apply the newly learned teaching strategies in the classroom. The program ensures that both experienced and new teachers benefit from the course, and that they can put the strategies to use immediately in the classroom.